Residential House Painting Services.

We put your home first...

Residential house painting is a personalised service that should be undertaken like it was your own home which is how Imperial Painting operate.

The biggest problem we found with painters in Mildura, they don't want to show up, on time or even at all and If you're lucky you might get a text.

It seems there is always something bigger and better to be doing for them, your place gets left behind.  So you have stopped looking and trusting.

We started Imperial Painting for this very reason.  You have a home that you want to love again or get ready to sell for top dollar.  Either way, you deserve the best services to come to you with just as much enthusiasm as heading off to a new big builders job.

So yes, we can repaint your entire exterior brick home because you want a colour change but thought the only way was to render…

… and yep we can respray all your aluminium windows from that funky cream or brown to whatever modern look you are after.  Chances are the hubby said he would do it right?

Refresh your entire interior after the kids have finally moved out, cover old-school stained timber to crispy clean white, and redo your kitchen, gutters, fences or garage doors.  Or simply go through the interior one room at a time so you can still live in it without too much distribution.

Our solution to Mildura's biggest trade problem, put your home first.


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Residential House Painting Services

Imperial Painters specialises in home painting services. We have over 30 years of experience in painting and decorating houses and homes across Australia. Our team's experience means you will be getting a first-class paint job inside or out. Mildura has been lacking a reliable painting and home services company for many years so our aim is to provide professional, reliable services at prices Mildura residents can afford.

Our owner and operator Rachel will come to your home and discuss your needs fully with you in order to give an accurate quote. She can answer all your questions and help you make the best decisions by giving honest, accurate advice based on your needs, not ours.

Quality Home Painting

Every trades company likes to think their work is top quality, but not many can actually live up to it. Whatever your budget or goals our work and principles don’t change, that is to say, any job, no matter its size will always be painted with care and attention. One thing our experience has taught us is that we are painting your home, not just some walls and ceilings.

We are used to working around you and your family's requirements and our expert painters are very customer friendly which in Mildura have certainly been lacking. Once we completed a perfect job to your requirements, all we ask is for an honest review, and perhaps even a beer.

Interior and Exterior Home Painting

Depending on your type of property and whether you need interior or exterior painters, Imperial has the experience to do the best job in Mildura. The properties here vary considerably in style as much as the residents themselves. Everyone's needs and circumstances are different, which is where our painting experience comes in handy. Wood, brick, steel, it doesn’t matter to us. Ladders, scaffolds, multi-story or bungalows, we have done it before and have the know-how to get you the results you dream of.

Interior painting can be more intricate and demanding, especially when you are trying to achieve a particular look. But whether you are decorating to sell, just re-paint what is worn or achieve an entirely new look, Imperial should be your trusted partner in any painting project.


What should I do before having my house painted?

This depends on whether you’re repainting the same style or trying to achieve a completely new look (inside or out). For a whole new look, you can start with a clean slate but aim to complement your furniture and floors. Identify your colour palette and also the finish. Talk this through thoroughly to avoid any pitfalls with your painters.

Do I need to clean the walls and fix holes before you start painting?

No, our team will fully prep your walls in the right way so you don’t have to do anything. apart from moving your furniture out of our way and taking anything off the walls. We’ll cover the furniture to make sure it’s protected during the painting process.

How often should I have the outside of my house painted?

Averagely every 7 - 10 years, but honestly, your exterior should be telling you. You can wait a lot longer but exterior paint protects whatever is underneath so it’s not just cosmetic. Victoria’s weather is pretty stable which gives you lots of choice and freedom when it comes to painting the exterior of your home but we always use quality paints that last longer and give more protection from mould, blistering and damp etc.

Can I stay in the house while you are painting?

Yes absolutely. If you are able to give us more time alone then that’s great, but if not, our team are very friendly and used to working around you and your needs. We would recommend that you take frequent fresh air breaks whilst we’re painting inside, painting can sometimes cause eye irritation, breathing problems, headaches and dizziness but all should pass quickly once you’re not in the affected area.

How long do I have to wait until the paint is dry?

Paint is touch dry in 2 - 4 hours allowing us to apply another coat (if necessary) ,but allow freshly painted rooms 2 - 3 days to fully dry and keep young children and anyone with breathing difficulties outside that room. Keep the home well ventilated and you are free to use your aircon unless we recommend otherwise.