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Painting metal or wooden fences can be very time-consuming so why not professional painters do it properly with the right paint and preparation? Garden walls also need the right exterior paint and both jobs can be very messy if you're going the DIY route. Let our professional painters get the job done beautifully, efficiently and without the mess and stress.

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Garden Wall Painting

Exterior garden walls come in all shapes and sizes. Some are brick, some concrete, some pebble-dashed and some are stone. We will use the right paint for the job making sure that the paint lasts as long as possible. Australia's climate can be tough so we only use quality paints as it is always far better value for money in the long run.

Garden walls will usually require a bit of preparation to get a good finish so some cleaning and minor repair work will be undertaken first.

Our team of experienced painters will have all the tools for even the tallest of walls and will leave no mess once they are finished painting, only a beautiful finish.

Garden Fence Painting

Garden fences are very time-consuming to paint. Metal fences can be very intricate and wooden ones can be very worn so both require time to prepare and time to paint well.

Metal fences will usually require specific paint depending on what they are made out of and whether they are rusted and will need a primer.

Wooden fences can be damp, rotten, warped or picket-style ones can be as intricate as metal fences also requiring more time and skill to do a good job that will last. Again, the type of paint required is crucial to make the final coat last during Victoria’s seasons. These types of paint can be very difficult to remove so good technique by expert painters is required to leave no mess.

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Get A Free Colour Consultation

If you are struggling with what colours to choose to compliment the exterior of your home then just book a free colour consultation where Imperial Painting will advise on the best complimentary colours making it easy for us to give you an accurate quote in the process.

Free Color Consultation

Multiple Painting Styles

Our team can use several different painting styles and colours to produce very aesthetically pleasing results making your boring fences and walls more of a feature. We can use different paints to create flat, glossy, matt, and rustic effects in different styles like Mediterranean or contemporary for example. Stripes or differently coloured areas like trellis work or posts being a different colour will have a great effect on your garden space and complement your building's exterior painting style.

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Get a Free Colour Consultation

Get a Free Colour Consultation in Mildura for Your Painting Project

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Do fences need sanding before painting?

Usually yes. If the fence has an old coat of paint then all the loose paint will need to be removed for a perfect finish to be achieved. Sanding will also remove some dirt and give the surface (wood or metal) enough of a texture for the paint to adhere to meaning no uneven patches. Sanding also makes the surface smoother which also helps coverage and no holes which will make for a better seal and longevity. But don’t worry, our team of painters will do all this as part of the process

How many coats of paint will a fence need?

There is no specific answer but most commonly two whatever the surface (wood, metal, concrete, timber or Colourbond. One can be acceptable if the existing paintwork is in very good condition but sometimes three coats may be required if the paintwork needs priming or an undercoat. Other things like colour can be a factor painting light over dark will increase a coat, but dark over light may not. Don’t worry, we will know exactly what needs to be done when we give you a quotation

Will my fence need treating before painting?

If it’s new bare wood then we would strongly recommend the wood being treated for maximum protection. This will help protect the wood from rot and being warped so will protect your fence as well as the paintwork on top

How long will fence paint last?

Usually, around 10 years if painted professionally and with quality paints which Imperial Painting always use. This can vary depending on the climate and condition of the fence