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Painting a kitchen (or a bathroom) is one of the most difficult rooms to paint if you’re doing it yourself. The room is usually still being used and is usually full of more paint-unfriendly items than any other room. Preparation is critical as well as getting the job done quickly and with no mess which is why leaving it to the pros is usually your best option. Also, just painting your kitchen cabinet doors is also a great way of giving your kitchen a very cost-effective makeover.


Kitchen Painting

If youre having your kitchen renovated, then your builders will commonly paint it too, but they arent professional painters so the results may not be as good as a team of professional painters. Especially in high-end kitchens with lots of wood or other architectural features that may want more than just one single flat colour.

Kitchens take a lot of wear and tear too with moisture and humidity commonplace. They can be beautiful but they also need to be practical so let Imperial Paintings team of kitchen painters take care of your kitchen renovation or remodel. This also applies to bathrooms.

Our team will work alongside your renovators or can just paint your kitchen on its own as part of redecorating or modernising your kitchen space. We have the experience to do it quickly with minimal impact on your daily lives as well as leaving a perfect finish.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

As well as painting your cabinets as part of your kitchen, it’s also fine to just have your cabinets painted on their own. This is a very budget-friendly way of giving your kitchen a whole new aesthetically pleasing look with the cost of painting everything or replacing your whole kitchen.

Cabinet door styles vary massively, but even plastic-coated ones can be painted as well as wooden cabinets. Whichever style you have, your cabinets doors and draws usually go a long way to the overall colour scheme of your room as they take up so much area. simple flat cabinets don’t have many painting options but cabinets with panels or grooves or any decorative elements can be painted in different colours for a stunning effect.

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Get A Free Colour Consultation

If you are struggling with what colours to choose to compliment the existing colours in your kitchen then just book a free colour consultation where Imperial Painting will advise on the best complimentary colours making it easy for us to give you an accurate quote in the process.

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Get a Free Colour Consultation

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What is the best paint for cabinets?

The most common paint is a professional quality lacquer which gives a silky smooth finish. This is perfect for plastic-coated cabinets but can also be used on other materials. Lacquers are perfect as they come in a wide variety of colours, are waterproof and can give a perfectly flat finish in the hands of a professional. Lacquers come in gloss, matt and metallic options

What do I need to do to my cabinets before they are painted?

Nothing except make sure that each cabinet or drawer is packed neatly (they don’t need to be empty). We will take care of all sanding, priming and any other preparation that is required. If they can be clean and free from food spills and grease then that will help speed up the process

How long will kitchen cabinet paint last?

Lacquered paint doesn't chip or flake, doesn’t fade easily over time and is waterproof and is good at taking knocks and bumps making it perfect for kitchens. If it’s painted on well and it’s high quality it can easily last 10 years or more. It’s very difficult to work with though for non-professionals which is why you should hire Imperial Painting