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Putting your painting needs first
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Mildura is craving more reliability. Imperial brings the country town, old school services I think we have all been wanting when dealing with trades.
It's only painting, but it's your home we are painting.
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Imperial started as a one-man (actually one-woman) band.  And has now grown into a humble team of 5.  Established in July 2022 we may be a new company, but we hire the experience in the form of our thriving team, with over 30 years combined.

Imperial Painting was started to fill a void in the market of residential homes.  Someone who was there to paint your lounge room or refresh your weatherboards.  

It's our mission to provide the best service in town, pay our employees right, and be the company you trust to have in your home or on your job site.

We have a combination of well-experienced painters, and labor hands, all holding the mission to add positively to this community.  Our mission is to have more homes that people love living in.

Rachel Korevaar is my name and I am the owner.  Where it's the team or myself you see most of, I do hope we can meet for a beer when your place is done.