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Garages, barns, outhouses and sheds can all be completely revitalised with a new coat of paint. Inside or outside, these extra buildings on your property still need painting and protection. So why not let the experts at Imperial Painting in Mildura do the job professionally and efficiently with exceptional results?

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Garages, Sheds and Barns - Interior and Exterior Painting Services

Whether its the inside or the outside, painting your garage or shed can be difficult, especially on roofs and hard-to-reach places which can also be dangerous. They can also need a fair bit of making-good and other cleaning preparation to do a proper job which is why most people need to pay more attention to their outside structures, especially wooden ones which need more skill to do correctly.

Wooden Garages

Anything wooden that is left outdoors in the elements will take a fair bit of wear and tear, especially in Adelaide’s varying climate so it’s important to know what to do before you paint. You may have to deal with some rotten timber, damp patches, mould, lichen or damage before you start.

Old and peeling paint will need sanding and stripping and the wood itself may need a treatment or special undercoat in order to get a good topcoat.

Imperial Painters will cover all these time-consuming tasks so that when we apply the paint, we know that it will last for years to come as the wood itself will be protected and won’t undermine your lovely new paintwork.

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Metal Garages

Metal garages require different paints and different preparations. They can suffer from rust and corrosion and it’s easy to not use the right paint depending on what type of metalwork your garage or shed is made out of. Some will need primer and some will require colorbond paint. There are also a great deal of paints made especially for metal nowadays that can protect and also give different metallic finishes so getting a free colour consultation and quote from us is very advisable.

Brick Garages

Brick structures are probably the easiest but can still require some patch-up work, making sure the pointing is okay and any damp, mould or lichen patches are properly taken care of. Then you’ll still need to use high-quality exterior all-weather paint like Haymes in order to get a good finish. If it has windows and sills then these will also likely require attention.

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So, whether you're considering a partial paint job or a complete garage transformation, Imperial Painting in Mildura has all your needs covered with a wide range of expert painting services. Our expert consultants and professional painters are ready to offer the best quality paint job around.

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How long does garage painting take?

This obviously depends on the size and whether it’s inside, outside or both. We can exterior paint a large shed in 1 day for instance but a bigger garage painted both inside and out will need more preparation and should take about 3 days but don’t worry, we’ll give you an accurate timeline with your free quote

Is garage painting expensive?

We don’t have a fixed price as that isn’t fair to anyone, instead we accurately quote for each job individually so it depends on the time and materials involved. We will give a full quote of the works to be carried out and we don’t charge any more or less for any type of specialised painting service. Plus, we are known as very affordable!