How To Choose Paint Colours For A Small Room: Some Tips

Choosing the ideal paint colour is akin to putting on a fresh set of glasses; it has the power to unveil your room in a whole new perspective. Colour is a powerful design tool in any space, and paint is one of the simplest and most adaptable methods to wield its influence. The appropriate paint hue can cleverly mask a room's idiosyncrasies or accentuate its most appealing features. There are certain factors you should consider for small rooms though, so let’s take a look.

How To Pick Paint For A Room That’s Too Small?

When contemplating paint choices for a compact room, it's crucial to consider how the colour will impact the perceived size of the space.

Most people will know that light colours are best for increasing the perceived size and dark colours will make it appear smaller.

Lighter colours and certain paints will reflect more light which will help immensely when there is limited natural light in a small room which is quite commonplace.

So obviously to make the room appear bigger you want to stick to whites, off-whites, pale greys, creams and light beige colours.

Paint Colour Psychology

German psychologists Oberfield and Hecht proved in their theory that “light equals height.” They found that when a ceiling is painted white, it creates an optical illusion that makes the room appear taller than when painted in a dark colour.

These colours move our eyes up and trick our brains into thinking the ceilings are higher than they actually are.

How To Use Paint Colour To Make A Room Seem Bigger:

Whether you opt for professional house painting services or embark on a DIY journey, here's your guide on selecting the perfect paint colour to elevate your room's aesthetics.

To make a small room seem lighter which is usually the most common aim for most small spaces, especially if they don’t get much light, then always consider the following:

  • Leverage Light Colours - Opt for shades that reflect more light, creating an illusion of a larger room. Bright whites, creams, beiges, pastels, or cool tones are excellent choices
  • Consistency is Key - Maintain uniformity by using the same colour on ceilings, walls, and trim for a seamless appearance. Alternatively, employ closely related colours to achieve a cohesive look
  • Avoid Dark Tones - Dark colours absorb light, potentially diminishing the perceived size of the room. Opt for lighter hues to enhance the sense of space
  • Embrace High-Gloss Finishes - Choose high-gloss paint for its light-reflective properties, contributing to a brighter and more expansive feel
  • Play With Horizontal Stripes - Painting stripes horizontally can visually widen a space, creating the illusion of a roomier environment
  • Cool Colour Palette - Incorporate cool colours such as blues, greens, and purples, as they tend to recede and amplify the sensation of space
  • Tread Lightly With Warm Colours - Limit the use of warm tones like reds, oranges, and yellows, as they can impart a cosier yet potentially smaller feel. Use them sparingly or as accents
  • Monochromatic Magic - Employ monochromatic colour schemes for a unified look, fostering the impression of a larger room
  • Gradient Elegance - Experiment with gradient colours, where two or more seamlessly blended hues create an expansive ambience
  • Neutral Serenity - Neutral tones exude calmness and can make a room feel relaxed and more spacious
  • Jewel Tones as Accents - Infuse richness and depth with jewel tones, but exercise restraint for optimal impact.
  • Light-Coloured Window Treatments - Choose window treatments in light hues to infuse brightness and openness in the room
  • Harness Stripes' Illusion - According to esteemed researcher von Helmholtz, the perception of space is heightened by linear elements like stripes, whether horizontal or vertical

By aligning your paint choices with these principles, you can artfully enhance the visual dimensions of your space. Trust in the transformative power of colour to redefine your living areas. For all your painting needs in Mildura, explore the comprehensive painting services offered by Imperial Painting Mildura and get a free colour consultation too.