How To Choose Paint Colours For A Large Room: Some Tips

Large rooms offer an excellent canvas for entertaining, and the openness of an expansive layout can infuse a home with brightness and beauty. Yet, determining a paint scheme for such spaces can be challenging without distinct focal points or a clear idea of which walls to highlight. Nevertheless, armed with considerations before you start painting, the task of choosing the perfect colour becomes far less daunting.

How To Pick Paint For A Large Room

Painting a spacious room provides a myriad of options, making it an ideal canvas for colour experimentation. The key is to align your colour choices with the ambience and mood you desire. If the space is for lively gatherings, bold and bright colours might be appealing. In contrast, a room designed for relaxation may benefit from softer hues. Whatever your aims for the room or however it is used, painting a big room will give you many more options and colour combinations including things like a feature wall.

  • Creating Coziness - To instil a sense of intimacy, opt for darker colours with warm undertones. Deep purples or navy blues can work well, especially if the room enjoys ample natural light. Balance darker tones by incorporating neutral shades on other walls or with accent pieces.
  • Create An Expansive And Airy Feel - Lighter colours are ideal for making a room feel open and spacious. Keep the walls in a light shade and introduce pops of colour through furniture and accessories. This approach offers flexibility in altering the room's appearance by changing accents.

Paint Colours For Large Living Rooms

Consider the function of your living room when selecting colours:

  • For vibrant and lively spaces, experiment with bold choices like purple, navy, or deep red. Reserve these colours for accent walls to avoid a heavy look
  • Embrace brighter tones such as mustard yellow, teal, bright blue, or grass green for an energetic vibe
  • Neutrals can be warmer shades of white and cream or a gentle Cafe Au Lait for a cozy feel
  • Cool tones like light grey, pale blue, sage green, or lavender-toned grey work well for an overall wall colour

Paint Colours For Big Bedrooms

Create a calming atmosphere in bedrooms:

  • Opt for cool colours like blue, green, grey, or lavender for a soothing space, especially in well-lit areas
  • Use soft shades like yellow, light pink, or peach for a cozy and warm feel, suitable for rooms with limited natural light

Paint Colours For Big Rooms With High Ceilings

To accentuate lofty ceilings and create an airy ambience:

  • Choose an all-white look for a classic, crisp backdrop that highlights the room's natural architecture, particularly in well-lit spaces
  • Introduce colour through furniture, artwork, and accessories
  • For added drama, paint one wall in a dark or bright colour to establish a focal point. Balance this with neutral tones on surrounding walls

By aligning your paint choices with the above principles, you can skilfully change the visual dimensions and appearance of any large room. Trust in the transformative power of colour to redefine your living areas. For all your painting needs in Mildura, explore the comprehensive painting services offered by Imperial Painting Mildura and get a free colour consultation too.