How To Choose A Professional Painter in Mildura - Some Tips and Advice

This comprehensive guide is designed to assist you in achieving your home painting goals by providing insights into the crucial factors to consider when preparing for a painting project and hiring a professional painter. Additionally, you will gain valuable information on different methods for estimating the costs associated with house painting.

Painting is easily the simplest method for transforming the look of your home's exterior or interior. Discovering the pricing strategies of Australian painters and understanding their quotes is crucial. The cost of painting typically varies from $900 to $20,000, depending on the project's complexity. Size isn’t the only factor that affects cost though, quality of materials, the standard of the painters, how many coats and whether or not they will be fully prepping the job - all these will greatly affect the price. Overall though, hiring a professional painting company is nearly always the best choice.

Preparing for Your Paint Project

Before embarking on your painting project, certain key decisions need to be made:

  • Selecting The Right Colours - The most challenging decision involves choosing the colour for your walls. Utilise a colour visualiser to upload pictures of your exteriors, allowing you to preview different colours online. Optimal exterior paint colours often adhere to basics such as pastel tones, all whites, and two-tone combinations
  • Choosing Paint Finishes - Explore various paint finishes, including Flat, Glossy, and Matte. Each category imparts a distinct look and character to suit the intended purpose of the designated wall
  • Special Finishes - Some painting companies offer additional services, such as wallpapering, which may not be standard in all exterior painting projects
  • Timelines - Can they do it in your particular timeframe, not rush it and do it properly?
  • Full Service - Will they be doing the job as best they can, for example doing things correctly for the best finish, the right amount of coats, types of paints and doing all the prepping and minor repair work usually needed for a professional finish?

The best painting companies will help you with all of the above, some may not, and they will all have a bearing on the completed job.

Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring

When considering a painter for your project, ensure you ask the following questions:

  • Insurance Coverage - Confirm that the painter is adequately insured to address potential mistakes or injuries during the project. Obtain and verify the specifics of their insurance certificates
  • Licensing - In states like New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia, painters are required to be licensed. Look for a recognised certification, such as Certificate III Painting and Decorating, which is obtained through apprenticeships or skills assessments
  • References - Seek references from friends, family, and local paint suppliers to gauge the reliability and performance of the painter. Suppliers and developers often recommend painters they trust
  • Contract & Written Quote - Request a detailed contract and written quote from potential painters. This will provide clarity on the cost and scope of the job. The more information you provide, the more accurate and reasonable the final quote is likely to be
  • Local? - Painters coming from further away will likely have to justify the travel time. On large-scale jobs, this isn’t an issue, but for many smaller residential jobs, you don’t want your painters wanting to start at incredibly early times that are inconvenient or wanting to get away early for the day to beat the traffic. This can also affect their time on the job, potentially the deadline too

Signs Of Quality Painters

A painting company that will go the extra mile will offer many extras like a free colour consultation, advice on how to reduce costs by doing the prepping or repair work yourself, give more than one quote to cover different price points and options.

Also, a really good company will not relentlessly hound you for the job.

  • Free and friendly advice
  • Quote options
  • Won’t hound you
  • Free services like a colour consultation

If you’re looking for reliable, friendly local painters then get in touch with Imperial Painters Mildura for a free colour consultation and a free, no-obligation quote for your next painting project.